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Bankastræti 2

Working hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:30 am-11:30 pm

Laekjarbrekka is a renowned Icelandic restaurant located in central Reykjavik, in one of the city's oldest buildings, built in 1834. Laekjarbrekka is a sophisticated and elegant restaurant and has been one of the most respected restaurants in Reykjvík for more than thirty years.

The menu at Laekjarbrekka offers a wide range of courses from lunch to dinner. At lunch, the restaurant emphasizes a light and fresh cuisine, such as soups, salads, fish and chicken dishes. In the afternoon, the restaurant turns into a café with a variety of small dishes and sweets. In the evening, a wide range of dishes is on offer, from appetizers to splendid meat and fish courses.

Laekjarbrekka specializes in fine Icelandic cuisine, focusing on the Icelandic lamb and the country's incomparable fresh seafood. Laekjarbrekka provides first rate service and strives to make sure that all customers leave satisfied with the entire experience.

There are plenty of exciting dishes on the menu. The main course menu features the best from the farmers and fishermen, such as the rack of lamb with grilled lobster tails, almond potatos, mushrooms and garden thyme sauce, and the panfried artic char with fennel, angelica, carrots, potatos and hollandais sauce. Last but not least we recommend the dessert dish Eyjafjallajokull, named after everyone's favorite volcano, which contains strawberry slush, licorice meringue, macaroons and sweet skyr foam.

For a fine dining experience in a luxurious environment, Laekjarbrekka is the perfect destination for you.


Seafood, Steakhouse, Lobster

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